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Karama Medical Centre (KMC) was founded by Mr.William P Jeyasingh from humble beginnings in the summer of 1992 in the bustling enclave of Karama.

The neighborhood of Karama has been and continues to be the hub of middle and upper middle class of the expat and local population, providing affordable housing, quality restaurants, numerous shopping centers, markets and central location.

It was this community that Mr. William wanted to serve by setting up one of the first Medical Centers in the area. KMC has been faithfully serving the community of Karama and beyond for more than 21 years.

KMC was started with one Doctor and a couple of Nurses, today it has grown to employ more than 38 Doctors with a supporting staff of more than 100 working out of 8 Medical Centre’s. KMC as a group continues to expand with plans to open new clinics in emerging neighborhoods.


The core value of KMC is “Healthcare with commitment”. We at KMC are committed to offer the highest quality of healthcare to our patients at an affordable price.

We have been committed from day one to accommodate everyone in the community with a motto - service to all. This has been the underlying concept based on which we price our services.

We are committed to a high level of care and efficiency backed by scientific understanding that the Doctors and staff extend to our patients; we believe that especially in the health care industry we have to go above and beyond our requirement in order to make our patients feel comfortable and content.

Mr. William has installed each and everyone of the KMC team with 3 core principles that he practices everyday – Kindness, Compassion and Efficiency backed by Science.


The KMC Team consists of 38 Doctors, 50 Staff Nurses, 15 Para Medical Staff and 20 Support Staff.

The entire Team is instilled with a strong sense of belonging that enables them to take responsibility for their actions and work at the peak of their capabilities.

It is this sense of belonging that also makes each and every individual in the Team to be their own in-charge and this creates a sense of responsibility that translates to efficient and compassionate patient care.

All the Doctors in KMC practice a Science based approach to Medicine mixed with a much needed dose of compassion.We are proud and grateful to have such a dedicated team of people behind KMC.



Chief Executive Officer

A teacher by profession, Mr. William has never actually taught a formal class but has been teaching by example, everyone he comes across the true meaning of Kindness and Commitment to Service.

He came to Dubai in 1976 and worked as a Sales Man in a construction supplies company and eventually headed their Plumbing division.

He honed his skills as a master of the art of sales and marketing from his experience in the construction field, but his desire to work for himself was too strong and he ventured out and started his own business.

After a few start ups in different fields he came across a struggling Clinic on the verge of closure which he acquired and like they say the rest is history.

Deep down though Mr. William always harbored a deep interest for the health care industry and a desire to provide affordable quality care to the masses and when the opportunity arose he took it. After 21 years in the field of Healthcare Mr. William is as eager and energetic as the day he started, he works hands on with all aspects of KMC Group and is intimately involved with the day to day running of all the Medical centers. He is also widely considered as the pioneer in Corporate Health Services, he initiated various tailor made health programs for many leading Company’s in Dubai and other Emirates whereby their employees could avail quality healthcare at an affordable cost to the Company.



Managing Director

Dr. Jerry joined the Group in 2006 just as KMC Group was on the verge of initiating an expansion project with the opening of their 2nd Medical Centre and first Pharmacy in the Al Quoz Industrial area.

He is committed to the smooth operation of the Medical Centre’s and the complete satisfaction of the patients visiting the various branches.

Dr. Jerry started in KMC Group managing the setting up of New Clinics and Pharmacy’s and after setting up 5 Clinics and 4 Pharmacy’s has now taken over the Operations of the entire Group.

He is responsible for the well being of the entire team, because he believes that if his team of Doctors and Staff are content then they will be kind, caring and efficient towards the patients.

Dr. Jerry also played a key role in assisting the Dubai Health Authority in conducting a pilot study for compulsory health care in Dubai.

Dr. Jerry along with Karama Medical Centre Br. in Al Quoz provided the Blue Collar populations healthcare requirement stats for the pilot study and he worked closely with the DHA and the consultants to initiate Compulsory Health Care for everyone in Dubai.



Group Medical Director

Dr. Avantikabai was the 2nd Doctor to Join KMC Group back in 1994. She is an accomplished Pediatrician with over 30 years of Experience.

She is the Medical Director of the Group and is responsible for the smooth relationship with all the Doctors and the patients.

She has been part of the KMC team from the very beginning and plays a key role in the planning and execution of new ventures in addition to her busy Pediatric practice.

She is also instrumental in assisting Mr. William in acquiring and managing the corporate health care programs for many of the corporate clients. She is a self attested workaholic with an inexhaustible source of energy and good cheer.

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