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KMC Group has been a major provider of affordable healthcare in the corporate sector since the late 90’s. We are the pioneers in HMO programs and we offer many varieties of tailor made health care programs to the employees of some the largest companies in and around Dubai.

These corporate health care programs have been the driving force is setting up full fledged Polyclinics in strategic locations in the heart of the labour accommodation such as Al Quoz, DIP AND Muhaisnah.


Some of the corporate health care services we provide include:

Site Clinics: We can set up clinics equipped to handle all minor injuries and treat general medical cases on site in construction sites, factories etc. These clinics are manned by Licensed Nurses, First Aid Workers and will have regular Doctor Visits as well. All first Aid equipment and emergency medication is supplied and maintained by KMC Group.

Camp Clinics / Gate Keeper Services: We can also set up clinics in labour accommodation housing large numbers of employees. These clinics are also manned by Licensed Nurses and have regular Doctor Visits. They serve as Gate keepers in taking care of minor ailments and also in directing the patients to appropriate care providers. Hence medicare is made available at the door step of the corporates

HMO Programs: We provide tailor made health care programs for the employees of corporations which makes affordable healthcare available to the employees who would otherwise have to travel long distances and spend more than they can afford to avail the same healthcare services. As the compulsory healthcare is implemented in Dubai these programs will be phased out and we are gearing up for the insured cardholders by being in strategic locations continuing to provide affordable quality care to the blue collar work force of Dubai.

Wellness Camps: We also conduct many Free Health Camps in the industrial area throughout the year as a screening tool to pick out potential high risk patients with Diabetes, Hypertension and high Cholesterol. These wellness camps also help create awareness among the labour force regarding healthy living.

Other Corporate Services include Pre Employment Screening / Employee fitness Certificates/ Bulk Vaccinations etc.

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