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Our General Dental practitioners work with every patient to develop a customized oral health care plan that includes dental examination, tooth cleaning, scaling, x-ray and use of other diagnostic equipments to either prevent or treat problems as early as possible for a healthy life.


General Dental treatments:


  •  Routine dental check-up
  •  Dental prevention and hygiene treatment
  •  Teeth whitening
  •  Fissure sealants for Children
  •  Correction of misaligned teeth
  •  Wisdom teeth surgeries
  •  Routine extraction

Specialist Orthodontic treatments:


  •  Clear Aligners
  •  Metal braces
  •  Teeth coloured braces
  •  Self ligating brackets
  •  Lingual orthodontics
  •  Fixed functional appliances
  •  Habit breaking appliances
  •  Invisalign

Conservative Dentistry:

  •  Restorations (fillings), crowns (caps)
  •  Bridges (fixed partial dentures) and Veneers
  •  Replacement of missing teeth
  •  Partial or Complete denture
  •  Root canal treatments
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